Iron railings are designed for stairs

Handrails that must be seen

Building? Renovating? Want to renew and refresh the appearance of the stairs inside a building or house? It’s time to get to know the designer iron railings of designer Alba.

Iron railings designed in the “Alba” studio

In the “Alba” studio, you will find handmade iron railings for stairs, with each handmade handrail designed and executed with a custom method. The unique fabrication process used by designer Alba Felix, results in exceptional, one of a kind iron railing design.

In the preliminary stages of planning, our railings are created using imaging and sketches illustrated on a professional light table, using the picture of the staircase where the railings will be placed.

Here you will find a wide variety and uniqueness between each railing

In the “Alba” studio, you will enjoy a wide range of interior handrails in different design styles, including the integration of materials such as iron, glass, wood, stone, etc. The uniqueness of the iron railings produced by the Alba studio is expressed in the creative process itself, which relates both to the space in which the rail will be located, to the existing design lines within the space, to the colors and textures that control the space, and to the needs and desires of each customer. At the same time, the designer, Alba Felix, is ​​careful to combine sculptured simulations and other artistic elements into his works, which yield prestige, grace, humor, and movement to every railing.

Accompany you all the way down to the smallest details

The “Alba” studio accompanies you all the way, from the planning and preliminary consultation, through matching the design and choosing the raw materials to the installation of the railing. If you want to enjoy the beauty of iron rails designed for your particular stairs, and if you want to enjoy a special emphasis on all the small and large details during the manufacture of handrails, it is time to get to know the professional services of Alba.